Full Name
Taras Hnot
Job Title
AI Energy & Manufacturing Consultancy Lead
Speaker Bio
Taras is a data science expert with strong experience in performing large-scale data mining and analytical projects. The key areas of expertise include building a document understanding platform for oil & gas companies and developing a Knowledge Graph from completely unstructured content. Taras has been involved in various projects in the manufacturing and energy industries, including developing predictive maintenance solution for a cryo-pump manufacturer, building an autonomous control system for one of the largest oil & gas companies, applying unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms to build a solution for a company with thousands of devices and billions of time-series data points. Taras is an active speaker at both scientific and business conferences in ML and AI areas with topics like: "Knowledge Graph", "Unsupervised Anomaly Detection", "AI for Well-Logs Processing"
Taras Hnot