The Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Conference returns in 2023, attracting operators from upstream, midstream, and downstream industries. We aim to turn the oil and gas industry challenges into opportunities by addressing the global and diverse energy sector educating attendees to stay ahead of the curve, implementing ML-led operations, and remaining agile in an ever-changing market. Across two days, the agenda focuses on business and technical sessions featuring panels, presentations from major operators, and workshops from industry experts. We'll provide everything you need to know about Harnessing the power of Machine Learning for carbon sequestration, technology, and purpose: the rise of responsible algorithms, optimizing production through artificial lift systems, the power of merging ML and IoT, and the future of work: people vs. technology.

The event will be the industry's crucial education and networking gathering of the industry's leading changemakers, innovators, and technology experts on how to propel you on your Machine Learning journey.

The 7th Machine Learning in Oil and Gas Conference explored themes such as driving sustainable net-zero-based operations, building resilient and secure systems, creating synergy between people and processes, the big deal about big data, case studies, and reshaping digitalization overall. The conference provided an in-depth analysis of the industry's challenges and opportunities, focusing on optimizing supply chains by minimizing disruptions, aligning technology advancements to business strategies, improving megaproject planning, equipment health and safety, and talent acquisition.

Twenty action-led sessions featured more than 42 speakers, covering 16 hours of content in the form of panel discussions and presentations. The conference attendees included critical players from oil and gas production companies, service companies, associations, integration technology providers, consultancies, and technology innovators.


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2022 Attending Companies Include:


What Past Attendees Say

"Machine Learning in Oil &Gas maintains a very high level of content. Kudos to have had the courage to initiate an in person event again. All attendees where thrilled by the organization and the precautionary measures and enjoyed ad-hoc meetings."
Philippe Flichy, Technology Evangelist, Keross

"This was a good way to stay up-to-date with the latest and forthcoming development... Thanks to all who participated and organised!
Martin Storey, Director, Well Data QA

"It was a very engaging and exciting event, packed with brilliant presentations from various disciplines. I gained a lot of insights into current offerings and future research directions." - Bassey Bassey, Researcher, Cranfield University

"Excellent Conference! Nice balance of business and technology."
Ugur Algan, Director, Volantice

"A good window on the breadth and depth of AI initiatives going on in the industry. There's much more going on than many people think. This event demonstrated why O&G needs to be less conservative and innovate more in AI in general and ML in particular."  - Claude Baudion, Energy Domain Expert

"Machine Learning in Oil and Gas really covered a well rounded 360 degree view of where ML and AI with Analytics can be applied for practical use cases."
Manoj Iragavarapu, Managing Director, V-Soft Consulting