Full Name
Konrad Konarski
Job Title
Chairperson and Director of Operations
AI Innovation Consortium
Speaker Bio
Konrad Konarski has worked more than 15 years with emerging technologies, such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence. He has a unique holistic perspective on delivering AI solutions that bring tangible value to customers. His professional career has included working for fortune 500 companies to lead and support their digital transformations.

Some of his recent work included leading IBM AI Center of Excellence in Europe as well as one of their Design Thinking Chapters. Currently, he is the Chairperson and Director of Operations at the AI Innovation Consortium, a collective group of academia and industry organizations that are working together on evolving AI technology and helping break barriers of adoption. His work includes both hand-on collaboration on different artificial intelligence applied research efforts using computer vision, natural language processing, synthetic data creation, augmented reality, and industrial robotics. As well collaboration with a collective and diverse group of organizations on broader AI advancement such as frameworks and best practices.
Konrad Konarski